11 Tips For Newbie Runners: Know More


Tips for newbie runners are given below with the details. Running is a very good exercise. You can consider running as a full-body cardio exercise. Running can be divided into various ways like marathon, casual running or jogging. But if you are a new runner you should follow some tips. It will increase your running quality as well as your fitness.

11 Tips For Newbie Runners

There are some important and helpful tips for those are planning to start running.

  • Smaller Distance Than Longer One

You are excited to start running? It is advisable to choose smaller distance at the first stage of running. Don’t choose a long distance. Choose 1km distance and gradually increase the distance day by day.

  • Short Intervals Are Great To Start With

You might be super excited to start running. Do not plan to complete the whole distance in one chance. Break the distance in some intervals and make it shorter at first. In case, you are feeling tired you should not be ashamed to walk in between running. You can definitely start with 2 mins of running and 2 minutes of walking. After some day gradually increase 1 minute per work out. They try to decrease the walking intervals while running.

Start your running casually nit professionally or else you will break down your motivation.

11 Tips For Newbie Runners: Know More
11 Tips For Newbie Runners: Know More

Giver Your Body to Recover

Your body needs time to cope up the new stresses and the new changes. So don not try to run continuously. Schedule your running. You can run an alternative day. Give your body to recover the stress of previous running. Take rest the next day of running.

Recover Your Side Aches and Run Again

Some people face side aches while running. When you face this problem just relax your body. Stop running then and there. Take a deep breath and release the carbon-di-oxide through your mouth, massage the area where you got side aches in a circular motion. After some time you feel better. Don not run until the pain gone completely.

Take Easy Steps

People have the wrong thinking that running fast and harsh can do its job more efficiently. But this is wrong. If you are a new runner then take small steps and decrease your speed for at least 1 week. Then you can increase your speed. It will help your body to adopt the exercise more quickly. Running fast and taking some harsh steps can harm your body, can be caused by injuries.

Choose A Right Surface: Tips for newbie

Choosing the surface depend on the people’ s workout types. There are several types of surface.

  • Plain Surface can be great for those who are habituated to running. This is the ideal option for running fast. There is little chance to hurt your ankle.
  • A Forest Or A Park can be a good surface. It gives you a great cushioning. But there is a lot of chances for injury due to uneven surface, ricks and roots of the trees.
  • Invest In A Good Shoes

Running shoes plays a vital role. If you are newbie runner then choose a good running shoe. Research about the running shoes, consult with some professional runners then invest.

 Join A Running Group

Solo running is always good. If you join a running group it can be more effective. You can motivate yourself for running and get into it quickly.

Try To Achieve Goals

Set a small goal and try to achieve on that particular day. Make a schedule of this.

11 Tips For Newbie Runners: Know More
11 Tips For Newbie Runners: Know More

Do Not Get Frustrated Or Demotivated

Failures are the path of winning. If you lose on the first day you will surely win the next day. So you should always keep motivating yourself to achieve your goals.

Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is always important for anything you do. Make sure that you are enough fit and your muscles are strong enough to start running. Eat healthy and stay fit.