3 Ways In Which Patience Plays The Key Role In Ultra Marathon


How can patience be one of the vital traits of becoming successful in a sport where speed is everything? Marathon is about getting from the start to the end line as fast as possible. But expert athletes have distinctly concluded that patience is crucially significant for ultra marathon, specifically those who are looking for longevity.

It is true that there are certain times in which you will feel a strong sense of urgency. When you are on the track, you will have to think and decide on your feet and adapt to the various changes. You cannot stop or even slow down your pace while so much happen and this is what determines your level of success. Now you may ask, how is patience important then? So the experts have highlighted three main areas of ultra marathon where patience is everything.

3 Ways In Which Patience Plays The Key Role In Ultra Marathon

Patience For Racing

When you start off, your immediate goals will be to run well and finish the race. But with time, you will make some bold and audacious aims. You are bound to be impatient and eager to reach to the next level. But you must settle in a patient and joyful space and feel the training rather than waiting for it to pass by. You should savour your experiences well so that you can blend them all together on your final day. It is true that you will have to run faster and faster, but your mind should be calm and focused. So, having a patient approach since the very beginning is a necessity.

Patience For Healing

When you train hard for the ultra marathon, muscle problems are sure to affect you. At times, you will feel debilitated and might be duped into believing that short cuts and tricks can be helpful. But they will only pave the way for more severe injury and throw you out of track. So, what to do when you are injured? Rest. Most people just preach that importance of resting and healing. In reality, they don’t. You should accept the fact that a full recovery plan is one of the most coveted aspects of the training program.

3 Ways In Which Patience Plays The Key Role In Ultra Marathon
3 Ways In Which Patience Plays The Key Role In Ultra Marathon

Patience For Training

With each training session, you will become more efficient and joyful while increasing your pace. You will be able to sign up for various low distance marathons and enjoy them one after another. But take a look at the trail runners- they spend weeks after weeks in the mountains, only to train their bodies. It is extremely alluring and you will be tempted to take that leap towards ultra marathon. And when you train for it, you will realize the sheer importance of patience.

Rest, periodic training and imbibing what you learn from each session are crucial elements of the training plan. Some people take up even 10 long years to train for their ultrarun while some may take a year of two. The point here is that you should give your mind and body the time they need to help the sessions reach their fulfilment. Integrating a patient approach is the way to move ahead.