5 Benefits Of Running You Should Know

Half Marathon Training For First Timers

If you notice, people who are getting into training for marathons are increasing in numbers. And this is all because of the great benefits of running that an individual can get. This is also not just a fad. Running has always been one of the most effective and cheapest ways to get one’s body in its optimal fitness. So, if you are planning to get into shape, and you are thinking about starting to run. You are actually on the right track.

5 Awesome Benefits Of Running You Should Know
5 Awesome Benefits Of Running You Should Know

In case you are not convinced yet and is still looking for reasons why you should start piling up the miles on the road every week. Let me give you some really great reasons why you should.

It Helps Your Torch Down Those Calories

Running can help you burn 12.2 calories per minute while running a 10-mile distance. This is totally backed by science and proven to be real by the countless people who have lost weight because of this exercise. What is more awesome is that is only for flat terrain running. If you take it to another level and start running uphill. The more effort you put in the more you burn.

Running is a Killer Core and Leg Work Out

A professional runner’s body, male or female, is a thing of beauty. It is lean and strong with perfectly toned legs and core. Having the perfect body is the best benefits of running there is. Once you start to follow a serious training plan and complement it with a strict diet you will definitely achieve your dream body.

An Affordable Form Of Exercise

If you choose running as your main form of exercise to get fit, you don’t need to spend much. You don’t need to waste money on expensive subscriptions and equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes, the suitable apparel, and maybe a few gears for hydration and tracking then you are good to go. Once you have all of that, you are already set. The road or the hills will not ask you to pay any recurring fees.

5 Awesome Benefits Of Running You Should Know
5 Awesome Benefits Of Running You Should Know

It is a Form of Meditation

When you are on the road, alone, just listening to some good music, while trying to push your body to its limit, that is some good meditation right there. Science has proven that one of the most attractive benefits or running is that it enhances one’s mind and even mood. When you run your brain pumps endorphins and endocannabinoids. These are chemicals that have positive effects on your mood.

Top Benefits of Running: The Lifestyle

If you notice, people who run always look fresh, active, and on the go. This is because this exercise greatly affects your endurance. People who are are also disciplined, confident, and committed to their goals. Once you surround yourself with runners and become a runner yourself, you will enjoy life even better.

How Do You Start?

This is a common question for newbie runners out there. The answer is to just to wear your most comfortable exercise clothes, lace up your running shoes, and just run. All you need to do is start the habit. You can then start to find a training program and pick a race to run. But the most important thing is to start and run that first mile. And add another mile to that and then another. The next thing you know, you are already fitter than before both physically and mentally.

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