Full Body Stretching Exercises

6 Full Body Stretching Exercises

Full body stretching is mandatory for everyone out there. But sadly, most of us don’t have enough time to spend on stretching or doing exercises. If you are one of them, then here are some simple stretching tips that will help in full body stretching.  This routine is simple and easy to do too. So, start stretching your shape now with the help of these exercises.

6 Full Body Stretching Exercises
6 Full Body Stretching Exercises

Runner’s Stretch: Full Body Stretch

This is the first stretch that you should pick now. Step the right foot forward and go for a lounge position. Place your fingertips on the ground, if you are unable to reach, take two pillows, and place your hands on those pillows. Now, stretch the leg entirely and then go back to the lounge position. Do the same for four times on one side and switch the sides. Ensure that this stretch is done with care. Take pillows help and do not overdo it as it will hurt your body.

With practice, you will be able to touch the ground pretty soon. This stretch is simple and can be done wherever you want.

The Low Lunge: Full Body Stretch

Keep the right foot forward and form a lunge. Now bend your left knee and bring both arms together hooking the thumbs. The arms will be facing the floor now. Take a deep breathe and raise the arms while stretching your legs.

Standing Stretch: Full Body Stretch

This stretching exercise has been taken from Yoga Asanas. It is simple. You have to stand straight with your legs touching each other. Now extend your arms to the top and interlace all your fingers except the pointing fingers. The pointing fingers should be straight aiming towards the ceiling or sky. Now bend slowly towards right direction exhaling the air. Inhale the air when you are returning to the normal position. Do it on the right side five times and left side five times. This will help in stretching out your entire body.

The Forward Hang: Full Body Stretch

Stand with your feet placed hip-distance apart and keep your hands backward. Interlace the fingers and if you are unable to reach, hold a napkin with both hands. Take a deep breath and expand your chest. Meanwhile, straighten your hands. Now bend your waist while exhaling, your hand will reach forward to your head. Hold in the same position for five deep breaths and come back to your normal position. This exercise will help in your spine stretching.

Seated Back Twist

Sit on the floor, putting your legs in a straight position. Now bend your left leg and put it over the right leg. Put the right hand on the floor, and the fingers should point outwards. Put your left elbow touching the left leg and turn to the right. Place back of your arm against right knee and inhale. Now breathe out as you twist your body, pressing the arm into your leg.

6 Full Body Stretching Exercises
6 Full Body Stretching Exercises

Bound Angle

Sit on the floor with legs straight. Bend the knees and attach both leg soles together. Let the knees drop to the ground. Hold the shins and inhale the air while keeping your chest straight. Exhale when you hinge forward and place palms on the ground. Hold in the same position for five slow breaths.

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