7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training


Having the right plan for your marathon training is just one of the elements to ensure your success. It is the key factor that prepares your body to the physical demands of the race. But you should know that training is not fun. Even experts can attest to this. And the only way that can at least make it comfortable is to have the right gear.

7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training
7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training

Having the right gear is as important during the training as it is during the race. Using the right gear during training can enhance your performance, comfort, and safety. You do need a handful of these gears throughout your journey. We have hand-picked some of the most essential ones for you.

7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training
7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training

Running Shoes

Picking the right shoes extremely important if you want to take running seriously. We are actually lucky now because the modern day running shoes use state-of-the-art technology. They just offer more support and often times even enhance our performance. And they also look better compared to those prehistoric shoes that old school runner use that totally looks unsafe. Imagine wearing those while running a marathon.

Tracking Device

Running Shoe un not, having a way to track your progress is the best way to keep something interesting. Using a tracking device like a Fitbit or Fuelband allows you to track and record how far you have gone with every mile you run. They also record your tempo and also your heart rate. You can then log in this data to your computer or your smartphone so you can how much you improved from your previous marathon training session.

Music Player

Covering those miles alone will become tedious sometimes, but if you are training, you just have to do it. You can make it a bit more interesting if you are listening to your favorite music as you run. Buy a music player that is small enough to fit on the specially designed pocket in your armband. And what type of music should you listen to? That is completely up to you. You can listen to classical music, jazz, rock, or what not. If you have the patience, you can even create your own running playlist.

7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training
7 Essential Gear For Your Marathon Training

Head Phones

Your awesome running playlist needs a great headphone to complement it. Buy one that has great sound quality so that you can still hear your music when you are running in traffic or in places where there are a lot of people. And please buy the Bluetooth ones because going cordless makes all the difference.

Hydration Belt For Marathon Training

Runners have mixed opinions about wearing a hydration belt. Some of them think that wearing extra things while running takes a toll on your overall comfort. But, it is really useful when you are running really long distances. Not to mention, it is way better than carrying a water bottle while you endure a 10-mile run.

Apparel and Sun Protection

It is important to invest in high-quality apparel made with a moisture-wicking material. Your shirts, shorts, and even your caps should not absorb your sweat as it will cause chaffing and general discomfort. And if you’re like running under the sun, also invest in a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the elements.

Think Comfort Over Style On Marathon Training Gear

These are all necessary for your marathon training. Just remember to make sure that you try them out first and make sure you are comfortable using them. Think comfort over style when choosing these gear. But if an item offers you both, then that would be insanely great.