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A Review Of Bob Jogging Stroller

bob jogging stroller

Bob jogging strollers are a versatile product. The strollers are great for both joggers and parents looking to transport their children around the neighborhood and park. The stroller was first designed as a full-size stroller with features for jogging as well. However, the product has since been redesigned to be used with a child’s wheelchair or other mobility device. As a result, the strollers are now very versatile and can even double as a travel unit.

Features Of Bob Jogging Stroller

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The Bob jogging stroller features a unique double step quick fold system. The strollers can be folded up into a compact design that can easily fit in any parking spot or alley. This compact design allows for the stroller to travel easily over uneven terrains as well as short steep hills. This allows parents to use the product on longer cross country trips and even across larger distances in more rugged terrains such as mountains.

The strollers feature a unique two step quick fold. By quickly folding up the stroller, the rider is able to easily maneuver it over rough terrain without tying down the wheels. For instance, the baby can quickly climb out from under the wheels while going down a hill. On rough terrain, the front wheels will remain locked so the baby will not slide around or get stuck. On smooth terrain, the wheels will rotate to allow the child to climb out freely.

The seat of the Bob jogging stroller offers excellent protection for an infant car seat. The seats can be adjusted in height and will adjust vertically for toddlers and forwards and backwards for infants. Additionally, the seat will include a canopy that will offer ample protection for the infant’s head and neck.

Best Things About Bob Jogging Stroller

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The seat of the jogging stroller is constructed with a shock absorbing and durable plastic frame and is covered with a comfortable fabric in the front. The front wheels have been designed with a three-wheel swivel and a durable steel bar handlebar. The handlebar has a rubberized tip for maximum grip and comes complete with brake pads. A shock absorbing plate is included along with a convenient five-point harness for a smooth ride. The infant’s seat is designed with a safety lock to prevent the seat from being accidentally removed from the handlebars by a child.

One of the best features of the Bob jogging stroller is the adjustable handlebar. This adjustable handlebar allows parents to easily adjust the height of the stroller while allowing the child to reach their hand and leg as they run. The seat is also designed with a comfortable five-point harness and is covered with a nice colorful vinyl. The quilted fabric on the seat is washable and has a durable front zip tie.

Buying Bob Jogging Stroller

The Bob jogging stroller has a strong frame and is made to keep up with rugged wear and tear. It is designed so that parents can quickly and easily detach it from their vehicle. The product safety rating is three times that of the most popular strollers on the market today. This design and construction to ensure that the Bob jogging stroller will stand up to continual use by its users. When a child dismounts the unit, the two wheels on the bottom that are secured by the five-point harness are simply detached and tossed into the back of the car.


In addition to the excellent design and construction, the Bob jogging stroller features an easy to use quick-release mechanism that lets parents remove the product from their car in just a few seconds. When the wheels are removed, the frame can be easily held in place until it is time to insert the infant into the stroller’s seat. There is no need to worry about the baby rolling off the seat or even getting trapped between the wheels.

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