A Woman Jogging In The Morning Is Enough To Lose Weight

woman jogging

Jogging is a very good form of calorie burning. How many minutes women jogging each day to lose weight depends on the condition of each person as well as the goal of losing weight that each person is currently aiming for. In general, however, you should spend about 30 minutes a day practicing. If you are in good health, you can adjust it gradually for more results. This is because running 40-50 minutes will help the body burn calories at a higher rate.

Regarding the weekly training schedule, if you only train 1-2 sessions / week, surely the weight loss effect will not be achieved as you expected. Instead, try to run as often as possible throughout the week. If it is difficult to schedule time, you still need to try to set aside at least 4-5 sessions / week for your body to adapt and burn calories best.

After knowing how much you jog to lose weight , the next thing you need to pay attention to is the correct woman jogging instructions to burn calories effectively leading to highly effective weight loss. Let’s get started together.

Don’t Forget To Warm Up Before Jogging

Woman Jogging

A warm-up to warm the body is essential not only for running, but for all popular sports today. The startup is also quite simple, not too fussy. You can rotate the joints of the ankles, hands, feet or run small steps in place.After about 5-10 minutes, you should be able to start jogging.

Run Properly

Woman Jogging

Running in the wrong posture not only makes weight loss ineffective, but also carries the risk of injury while you run. As recommended by the coaches, correct posture is that the back and head are straight, eyes forward while the body is completely relaxed.

For those who are in the habit of leaning forward or backwards, you should modify it today because this will make your running efficiency not high.

Hands Also Need To Swing Properly

Do not pay too much attention to the time factor because after a period of running you will be able to balance running as much as you need . Instead, pay more attention to running parts, especially how to swing your arms while running.

Specifically, the hands need to follow the running steps of the legs, elbows forming a 90-degree angle at the waist. This position helps you feel comfortable when running as well as easily accelerate faster while moving. 

Do Not Maintain a Running Speed

It is not recommended to run evenly every day. Instead, you need to change the intensity of your exercise regularly during each training session. For example, you can run gently at the first 100m, accelerate at 300m later or alternate between jogging, walking, speed running, etc.


A woman jogging is an excellent form of exercise for weight loss. It burns a lot of calories, may help you continue to burn calories long after a workout, may help suppress appetite and targets harmful belly fat. What is more, running has many other benefits for your health and is simple to begin with.

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