All about marathon runners

marathon runners

A marathon runner is a player who plays marathons which are long games up to 4 hours.

What is the goal of marathon runners?

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To achieve a high score or low time, depending on the game. A high score means your accuracy (the number you get if you divide points by play count – see Scoring for more details). Low time means your clear time.

What are the uses of

Marathon runners can use their experience in several ways:

– Coaching other players (I saw this in almost every marathon I attended). It’s not easy to coach when you’re a player yourself, but when you have the ability to analyze things in your game, it becomes easier. A good example is Zappa’s coaches of AGDQ 2012 and SGDQ 2013.

– Writing comments on the SRC (SDA doesn’t allow marathon runners to write comments). It may be useful to others players because it’s not easy to explain everything you know about a game during one run.

– Helping other players or giving advice about common problems they usually face (Yes, I only give advice when you’re asked for it).

– Marathon runners can also speedrun (yes they can get away from their vortex sometimes), so if you want to get into the community, just get decent at any game and show it off in a marathon.

What are some examples of marathon runners?

Some examples of marathon runners:

Mana, z0mbie, UraniumAnchor, SpelunkyGod, Dragondarch…

Some examples of past marathon runners who are no longer in the community:

MUGG(although he’s not totally gone), Uyama, Jelmeree..

Some examples of marathon runners who are still in the community:

Trihex, CarlSagan, GrooverMASH

What are the benefits of marathon runners?

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1- Marathon runners get better at their games because they play it all the way through to learn more about the game.

2- They also get a lot of experience in different situations and they will improve their skills when facing such a situation.

3- Marathon runner can show off their high score or low clear time with pride.

What are the disadvantages of

1- Marathon runners are very focused. That means they have trouble doing anything except playing the game.

2- Marathon runners lack social skills because they are so focused on their games or keyboard sliding that they ignore you after a few moments.

3- Their soul is usually taken away by some kind of vortex of doom… I mean a vortex called ‘marathon runner’.

4- They are obviously nocturnal people, because if they were not, how could they play 24/7?

5- Their hand never knows what it will touch again…seriously…it’s like their hands grew feet and ran away to find some else’s keyboard.

6- Because of #2, they are not that friendly. I mean if you can’t interact normally with them for more than 10 minutes…they will ignore you forever.

7- Because of their nocturnal lifestyle, marathon runners lack concentration during school or work

8- They also lack concentration when watching movies/series or reading books, because all they can think of is some catchy phrases from some song or just sliding fingers over the keyboard…

9- On rare occasions, marathon runners may be hated as “keyboard abusers” by their neighbors. Remember that you have neighbors, so don’t abuse your keyboard next time.

10- Marathon runners have no life besides playing games because they get absorbed by the game.

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