Ways To Prepare Marathon


Marathon is a running event that is held across the globe either as a part of some grand affair, or it has some noble cause attached to it. The best way to prepare form Marathon is done with high intensity & power. People from different age groups take part in it, which include young people to old aged people. It feels like an event when people run across the whole town or city. They mark the beginning of some game & feels like a festival going around the country. In this article, let me make sure the tips of preparation for Marathon are covered along with encouraging you to take part in the same whenever it happens next.


Sprint Training             

1.    Running Flat Sprints

  • Decide where to run.
  • Jog 1 or 2 laps around the track.
  • Do dynamic stretching.
  • Decide your desired sprint time/length.
  • Make your Ist sprint at about seventy percent intensity, then boost.
  • Take Rest 2-5 minutes in between sprints.
  • Keep your Ist session short.
  • Cooldown.
  • Perform your new sprinting routine two or three times a week.

How To Prepare For A Marathon

Getting Commenced

  • Start early: If you are aspiring to be a marathon runner, stick to the base mileage consistently for at least a year before you sign up for a professional training course.
  • Start small: Running a shorter race—5K, 10K, or even a half marathon—is an excellent way to prepare physically & mentally for a first marathon.

Choosing an 1st Marathon

Select a marathon close to home may offer a “home field benefit” with the chance to run on familiar roads; on the other side, selecting a “destination” race can stoke your motivation fire in the months moving up to race day.


Four Building Blocks of Marathon Training

  • Base mileage: Start running 3-to-5 times every week to build up your base mileage rate.
  • Long run: Opt for extended run every seven-ten days to get your body adapted with the long distanes.
  • Accelerate work: Practice tempo runs and proper intervals to boost your cardio capacity.
  • Rest & recovery: Proper rest helps avoid injuries & mental burnout

Hydrating & Fueling on the Run

All marathons include water & aid stations along the way. Purchase a hydration pack or belt long in advance & get addicted to running with it.

Tips for Race Day

  • Do not try anything new on race day—no new shorts, new shoes or a new T-shirt. Do not guzzle three cups of coffee if you generally have one. You must get everything in place like gears, clothing  & fuelling strategies.

Race Recovery & Beyond

  • On Race day: In the prompt moments after your finish, drink cups of water or sports drink to care for your tired muscles. Walk a bit, to let those muscles cool down. Do stretching. Eat some carbohydrates food, whether you feel like it or not.
  • After race day: Take a rest at least for a week before resuming regular running. It helps in getting pace and frequency

Take well-balanced meals. Take care of any injuries, wounds, or ailments you may have developed during the race day. Care for your immune system, which will be more vulnerable promptly after the Marathon.

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