Ways To Prepare For Triathlons

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Triathlons emphasize a wide range of distances. This article focuses specifically on the ways you can prepare yourself for a Triathlon.

Triathlon types:

Sprint: Sprint works best for beginners, as it makes the transition convenient. The Distances may vary. However, the swim portion is 750m while the bike is part is 20km, and the run is 5km around.

Olympic (51.5km):  Primarily presented during the Summer Games held in Sydney, Australia in 2000. This game features a 1.5km swim, 40km bike, and 10km run around.

Half Ironman (70.3 miles): It is excellent for experts seeking to challenge their endurance. However, unable to put in the efforts, time, and commitment for a full Ironman. The Half Ironman is an excellent choice if you wish to train for full Ironman. Longer races can very challenging, but the distance is invariably alike: swimming session of 1.9km, bike 90km, and run of 21.09km.

Ironman: Ironman competitions happen in places across the globe. The event maximum conceived by athletes is World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii. This race consists of a swim 3.8km, bike session of 180km, and a run of 42.2km around.

Best Way To Prepare For Triathlons
Best Way To Prepare For Triathlons

Triathlon Training Plan

If you intend to achieve your first sprint triathlon, plan for at least 12 weeks of training before your slotted championship. If you are familiar with swimming, biking, and running, you need to improve your skills and pace on it. Have a protein-rich diet with multivitamins and a daily dose of calcium. If you are a beginner that go for 16-20 weeks plan so that you can prepare well.

Establish your schedule: Complete two sessions of any two activity be it swim, bike, or run during the day. Practice open water swims each week if your event is organized in water other than swimming pools.

Consistently build and increase your distances by 10- 15  percent per week. Before the event, you should be able to achieve 10 percent more than the race distance in each sport. For a sprint, that translates to extra swim for 0.55-mile, bike ride for 13.6-mile, and run around of 3.4-mile run.

Best Way To Prepare For Triathlons
Best Way To Prepare For Triathlons

Resistance Training:  Resistance training is essential to improve your endurance and strength to prepare for a triathlon. Include it in your weekly program. Include workouts that stimulate the primary muscles required in each training. It will help create mobility and stability for a productive and healthy range of movement.

Swimming-  You need to intensify strength in the shoulders, arms, and back to create mobility in the trunk region.

Bike – Focus on increasing strength in the quads, hamstrings, and glutes creating stability in your upper body.

Run – You require to develop strength in the legs, mobility through the hips, and balance through the trunk and shoulders.

Rest: Taking a day off or two per week is quintessential for restoration. You may as well opt for both if you are including two rest days in your schedule.

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