Essential Strength Exercises for Runners: Running Tips


Strength training is an integral part of a runner’s exercise. Our body muscles contain white and red fibers. The first one is responsible for our flexibility as the second one is responsible for our strength. Strength training develops the red fibers in our body muscles. It prepares to strengthen our muscles and enable them to handle the repetitive stress during a performance. Here are some strength training exercises suggested by the experts, along with some useful running tips.

Tamara Pridgett, an All-American sprinter, believes that every sprinter should take strength training more seriously. It helps to generate force, which enables the runners to be super fast. In strength training, she suggests weight lifting and some other exercises close to the ground. Now, let us know about some running tips and strength training exercises.

Essential Strength Exercises for Runners: Running Tips
Essential Strength Exercises for Runners: Running Tips

Barbell Squat For Running Tips

This exercise works best in strengthening the muscles of your legs. To practice this, start by standing with your legs apart, and shoulder stretched. Now, take a loaded barbell below your neck on your back. Push your hips lower down just like a normal squat. Keep your chest up while you squat. Now, rise back up to the standing position. Do this exercise ten times divided into four sets a day.

Box Jump

This one improves your speed as it boosts power. To start with box jump, you need a box that you will jump into. Stand facing the box and go to a quarter squat position. Your knees need to bend, and your arms need to swing back. Now, push through the feet to jump up onto box by driving arms forward. Then, stand up squeezing your glutes and step back down to start the next jump. Do this three to four times a day with ten repetitions.

Essential Strength Exercises for Runners: Running Tips
Essential Strength Exercises for Runners: Running Tips

Dumbbell Power Clean For Running Tips

This one has a focused combination of strength and power. Start in a squat position. Take a dumbbell in your right hand. The right arm needs to be hanging in front of the body. Keep your back flat and core tight. Now, pull your right arm up by lifting the dumbbell with elbow pressure and go to the standing position. Flip your wrist so that the palm faces your back. Do three sets in a day, each with eight to ten repetitions.

Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift

This exercise works on strengthening the glutes, core, hamstrings, quadriceps, and trapezius. The lift in this exercise generates power and force. Hence, this one makes a crucial part of your strength training. To start with it, stand with your feet hip and width apart. Keep the kettlebells on outsides of both feet. Now, squat down and grip the kettlebells. Squeeze the glutes at the top and stand up by keeping a neutral spine. Be slow with your movements and keep your control. Go lower back down again to start. Do it thrice with ten to twelve repetitions a day.

Above are some running tips that will help the runners and sprinters to achieve excellence in performance. To know more, follow our website for the upcoming blogs.

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