Foods To Help You Run Fast

Foods To Help You Run Fast

Are you training to run fast? Here are some foods or maybe superfoods that can help achieve your goal.

1. Oats

Eat a carbohydrate-rich oat dish, if you are going out. Many believe that all carbs are harmful, which is far from the truth. You have to find the right carbs and eat them. The oats have a low-glycaemic index, and it is packed full of fiber. This fiber helps in regulating blood sugar levels and leave you feeling energized for a long time. If you wish to run fast start your day with oats.

Foods To Help You Run Fast
Foods To Help You Run Fast

2. Beetroot

Not your conventional running snack, but rumor has it that beetroot helps you to run fast. This mere vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrients, containing beta-carotene and vitamins B/C. However, the nitrates in the beetroot are the central supplement said to have the performance-enhancing effects. It helps in improving blood flow and therefore maximizing oxygen delivery through the body and to your muscles. There is also a theory that beetroot can improve the efficiency of muscle.

3. Salmon

Training is as necessary as is recovery. You require well-replenished muscles that can meet the demand of your workouts, to run fast. Salmon is a powerhouse of protein that’s also rich in omega acids. Not only does salmon promote excellent heart health, but it also helps in the recovery and repair of torn, tired muscles, and get you ready for your next run. Combine with leafy greens for the desired nutrient hit.

4. Spinach

A significant reason for tiredness during training is nutrient deficiencies. Even the slightest imbalance can leave you severely lethargic and not achieving your best. For this reason, it’s crucial to get vitamins and minerals from good food.

Spinach is one of the greatest superfoods you can get, rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, and importantly, iron. To lower your risk of being anemic, stock up on foods high in iron – it helps in making RBCs, which in turn, supplies oxygen throughout the body. Also, for the health-conscious its only 23 calories per 100 grams.

Foods To Help You Run Fast
Foods To Help You Run Fast

5. Coffee

Coffee may not be food, but studies show that a cup of caffeine before the run can help put power behind your stride so you can run fast. Good news for coffee lovers, a study suggests that modest amounts of caffeine can help enhance your endurance performance.

6. Quinoa

Carbs are one of the best energy sources for runners you can hope to get. Once consumed, they are split up and used to fuel your workout. The muscles store the leftovers as glycogen which is used later in a long run or race. The athletes who consume carbs regularly can run fast for longer. Quinoa is an especially great choice of food for carbs. This whole grain, belonging to Peru, produces complex carbohydrates along with proteins that are plant-based and contains very little sugar and no gluten.