Freedom Run Marathon in Liberia to Fight Oppression

freedoms run marathon

Freedom runs marathon in the background as we turn on our TVs and pull up maps and wonder where we are going. As we navigate our way through life, we have a tendency to lose sight of what it means to be free. The truth is that you cannot lose your freedom. The only way to gain it back is to let go and trust someone else to help you get it back. That is exactly what Freedom runs marathon in the background because we depend on others to bring us back.

An Overview

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Freedom is the right to live without governmental control over your life. It also includes your freedom of speech, press, religion and your associations. These are the freedoms that allow you to think, say and do things that you would not be able to do or hold in the privacy of your own home. A marathon is a test of these freedoms when you are running through the woods or crossing the desert on foot as part of an organized relay race.

Freedom is also the right to be your own lawyer, judge and jury. Being a free man or woman includes having the freedom to travel, whether by land, sea or air, and being able to consume or do not consume certain substances. These freedoms protect your liberty and make the marathon runner different from any other group of people. Freedom makes the marathon more fun and exhilarating for a good many people.

Running Freedom Marathon

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Freedom requires a constant vigilance for freedoms that are threatened by those who would use their freedoms in a malicious way. In the case of the environment, the pollution that occurs because of environmental degradation and global warming, is a form of aggression against natural freedom. When we think of the harpers ferry national park land, a clear example of this is when someone crosses the desert to do an extreme athletic event there. This action constitutes an act of environmental harassment and violates the freedom of others to enjoy such an activity at another location.

Many runners participate in marathons as a means of spreading awareness about conservation, wildlife, healthy eating and self-reliance among other things. But being free does not mean you are allowed to run around the track and beat the people in the race. It just means you are allowed to participate and do so in a reasonable way.

You may wonder how it is that you can run a marathon in a nation where you are oppressed. The Freedom Act of Liberia provides for freedom of speech, press, assembly and petition of laws. That means anyone can organize a peaceful sit-in protest, peacefully assemble in a park, or even go down to the seashore to swim and observe the birds and wildlife. People are allowed to exercise their right to freedom of speech, press, assembly and petition as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

In Conclusion

Running a marathon provides you with the opportunity to test out your own freedoms of speech, press, and petition. It is a great way to see what your true calling is. And once you’ve made up your mind you can then begin to challenge those freedoms which you believe in. You will be challenged every time you run if you allow yourself to be intimidated by the law. But if you run knowing that you are exercising your freedoms and your God given rights then you are prepared to face whatever comes your way.

Freedom is the one thing that is unbreakable; it’s tough to beat it. Run a marathon and help make sure it is tough for you. Don’t allow freedom to erode away. Defend freedoms that make life fun and meaningful.

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