Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home


Body flexibility is something that most of the people out there lookout for. Everyone dreams to be flexible and possess control over their body but it is not possible to achieve it without putting in efforts. There are so many people out there who usually don’t have time to even workout for ten minutes a day. It indeed is tough to squeeze in some time for working out. But these people can also try stretching exercises at times. This stretching won’t take a lot of time and ensures that your body’s motion is improved. Apart from altering the motion in your body, the stretching will also help in blood circulation and calms your mind at times too.

The first and foremost thing is creating a routine. In this article, we are going to show you some stretching exercises that will help you with creating a perfect routing for the day.

Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home
Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home

Runner’s Stretch

This is the first and simple stretching exercise that you can try for. The first thing that you have to do here is to step your right foot forward. Form a lunge aiming the right foot. If possible touch the ground with hand or else place a pillow and reach it while you are doing the lunge. Breathe in and then exhale straightening your right leg. Now return to the lunge position slowly. Do the same thing for four times and change the leg now.

Standing Side Stretch

Now, this is another common type of stretching that you can try out. Stand by bringing both of your feet together, now stretch both hands into the air and clasp all fingers except the pointer fingers. Inhale in this position and now breathe out when you bend towards the right side. Breathe five times, ensure that you are breathing slowly and now repeat the same on the left side too.

Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home
Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home

Forward Hang

Keep your feet hip-distance apart and bend your knees a bit. Interlace the fingers in back. Now take a deep breathe and straighten both of your arms to expand the chest. Now start exhaling and bend your waist. Let your hands stretch towards the head. Hold the same position until five deep breathes and now come to your normal body position. This is a simple body stretch exercise that will help in maximizing your body’s performance.

Low Lunge Arch

Step your right foot forward in the form of a lunge and lower your knee onto the floor. You can make use of the folder towel or blanket as a support on the floor. Bring both of your arms in front of your leg and hook both of the thumbs together. Keep the palms facing floor now and breathe in. You have to sweep your arms overhead and stretch as much as you can. Switch sides after taking five deep breath.

These are some simple stretching exercises that you can do right at your home. There is no need for any fancy equipment or special training required for doing these stretches. They are pretty simple. Ensure that you follow the instructions as mentioned so that you can give your body the enough required motion.