How To Do An Endurance Test For Running? -

How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?

How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?

If you’re not doing an endurance test, or you just don’t have the time, you should. A good endurance test can tell you many things about your running form, how your feet are aligned, your technique, your cardiovascular endurance, and much more.

Start by wearing proper running shoes, preferably flat. You want to avoid hiking moccasins or any sort of footwear that causes your arches to lift off the ground. Keep in mind that your feet will be more mobile if you are wearing proper running shoes.

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How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?
How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?

Warm-up with some light jogging. Make sure you don’t overdo it. I recommend a thirty-minute warm-up and cool-down session. Run a couple of miles in the warm-up.

Cool down with short runs to cool down. If you’re a runner who does a lot of jogging, then you probably already know how to do this. But if you’re still getting used to running with a trainer, this will be your chance to build up some speed.

Your goal is to do a good endurance test, so you’ll need to concentrate on that and less on the other components of the test. The pace is important but doesn’t be concerned with how fast you go. That will just confuse the meter.

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Make sure you keep a watch that has an automatic stopwatch built-in. Your running meters will tell you how long you’ve been running. So don’t count laps. Just run at the target pace for the duration of the test.

Focus on the target pace instead of the number of miles you’ve run. When you do the endurance test, listen to your body. You can tell when you are going too fast, too slow, or just right.

Listening to your body is very important. Your running meters will tell you whether or not you are in tempo mode. It means you are trying to get the most from your body instead of just working out.

Running the target pace will get you used to running at that speed and will get you used to have your heart rate where it needs to be to go farther. Don’t go out running when you don’t feel like it. You will likely injure yourself.

It is one of the few areas in your training that you will feel like you are working out. You have to train your body to slow down before and after running. If you haven’t been moving a lot and all of a sudden you’re struggling, your body will adjust, it’s just going to take longer than you would like. You can always push yourself back if you feel like you are pushing yourself too hard.

Bottom Line: Endurance Test

How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?
How To Do An Endurance Test For Running?

Practice pacing yourself before the endurance test with a trainer, and then the next day to try it on the track. With just a little practice, you should be able to gradually bring your speed down until you are moving at the target pace without thinking about it.

Try your hand at an endurance test before the season starts and before you have the chance to run the season. It can help you become a better runner and if you feel good before the season, you will be more prepared for the running season.

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