How To Run A Marathon Faster


The distance that you need to run in normal marathons is 42.2 km. So if it is your first time joining one, your focus will be to finish it at the prescribed time. However, as you run a few more of these races, you tend to aspire for a faster time. If you want to clock in a 4:00:00 time in a race you need to make some serious preparations.

10 Tips To Run A Marathon Faster
10 Tips To Run A Marathon Faster

One of the biggest mistakes of newbie marathoners is they expect to have a better time on their next race without changing their training plan. Of course, you need to push your self further during training to get faster. Here are some tips on how exactly you can improve your time on your next race.

Increase Your Mileage

It is not rocket science. By running more miles, all the facilities you use for running also gets stronger. Your heart gets stronger, your legs stride faster, your heart improves its blood vessel delivery system and the like. So, it is necessary to increase your distance on a weekly basis. But avoid those really big jumps in distance since it may cause injuries.

Do Mile Repeats

Doing mile repeats has remained to be the most effective way of improving your speed. To improve your time, you need to do it at least once a week starting with two repeats or up to six repeats.

Choose The Fast Race

Sometimes your speed also depends on the race that you are running. If you run the Honolulu race which is full of steep climbs, of course, your pace will be slow. Find a race with a track that is more focused on speed rather on endurance.

Know Proper Hydration and Nutrition

No matter how hard you train, if you don’t know how to fuel your body properly, it will stay slow. Learn how to make your body become more efficient during race day. And also, learn how to properly hydrate before the race so you don’t need to stop at the pit stop constantly.

Study The Course

Going to the race’s website and studying the hills or the other obstacles that you need to face will help you prepare. By knowing what to expect, you can gear your body up for a faster run in marathons.

Try Doing Yasso 800s

The Yasso 800s is being used by professionals when trying to achieve a marathon goal. Basically, what you need to do is to convert your goal time which is in hours and minutes and turn it to minutes and seconds. Once you have done that, you should then run 800-meter repeats at that time.

Tempo Runs

One way of running faster is by developing a high anaerobic threshold. To do this you need to insert to add 10-15 minutes of comfortably hard 10k pace in your run.

Don’t Fail To Rest

If you think that if you run every day and put your body in immense work everyday will make you faster, you are totally wrong. Resting your body and allowing it to recover is as important as your training regimen. All that hard workout will develop your muscles only if you allow it to heal.

Follow all of these simple steps and we can assure you that you will impress your self on your next marathons.