Train For Marathon


Marathon is a race organized periodically by communities over various cities and towns. These are long races stretching from 5kms to 40kms or more. Generally, these marathons invite participation of the public at a fee. There are several running enthusiast who consistently participate in these races. They involve in such contest for several reasons like health benefits, personal challenge, desire to test limits, wish to run the distance, charity, etc. There are many first time runners too. They also desire to run such competitions. However, one cannot expect to complete a marathon without any prior training or experience. In order to be able to participate one should know how to train for a marathon.

Try Smaller Marathons

Runners or non-runners should first learn to run the shorter races over the longer ones. The smaller races will help them understand their limits. Participation in any kind of race will help them learn their physical and mental strength.

Start Weeks In Advance

After you have decided to be a marathoner, you should plan months in advance before the main day of the race. Typically, marathoners train for over three months or more. If you start a couple of days before the marathon, you will end up covering only a few meters of the stretch. Starting early is always advisable. You can check your weight and change it with proper diet and care. You can learn about your weaknesses and plan a regime to overcome them.

Increase The Mileage

People who are serious to win or successfully complete the marathon begin their training plans weeks in advance. They work on their mileage along with their diet and overall practice. The aim should be at increasing the mileage by 10 percent every week. However, don’t stress yourself in the initial weeks itself. With all the tiredness and fatigue you may break and loose the enthusiasm. 

Work On Your Speed

This is a very important aspect of any kind of running; speed. You can be a jogger or a sprinter but you need to control and monitor your speed if you wish to complete the race. A runner should learn to maintain a mix speed throughout the race. Train your body to warm up and cool down by adding variation in the speed.

Work On Your Distance

Marathons are all about distance. Your body should adapt to increase the distance by a kilometer every week. Train your body to run longer distance. It will not only prepare your body to endure the pain but will make you mentally very strong.


This may sound like something you wouldn’t train for but actually it is the most important. The only source of fuel or energy during a marathon is water. Staying hydrated is very important. A dehydrated body will make a runner give up faster than he prepared for.

How To Train For A Marathon


There are several marathon groups and self-help online tips for runners to take help from. Right training meets the right chance. Train your body and mind to finish the marathon.