How To Train Running Skills

How To Train Your Running Skills

Whether you are participating in a long-distance running competition like a marathon or short 200-meter sprints right posture and form can increase your efficiency. From sprinter to roadrunner, everyone should check out these tips for improving running skills.

Look Ahead

While running look ahead, so that 10 to 0 feet of the track ahead is in your span of vision. Don’t look at the ground but focus ahead on the track. It will help you to gain proper running form and keep you safe as you can see the track clearly and avoid any obstacles. Try not to stick out your head as you run as this may put lots of stress on your neck and shoulder muscles. Instead, keep your head parallel to your shoulders in a way that your ears are situated right the center of your shoulders.

How To Train Your Running Skills
How To Train Your Running Skills

Land Mid Foot

Avoid running on toes or heels. Instead, try landing on a mid-foot with each step. Landing on toes may result in shin pain while landing on toes may induce fatigue and cause injury. Land on mid-foot and roll to the forefront of your toes. To practice mid-foot landing run on softer surfaces with bare feet as people naturally land mid-foot without shoes.

Feet Should Point Straight Ahead

Your toes should always point in direction of your running track. With your feet pointing in or out you can sustain injuries. If you have an issue following this rule, try running with feet pointing ahead for short distance. You can gradually increase distance and time once you get comfortable with this technique. With time, running with feet pointed forward will come to you naturally.

Keep Your Hands At Waist

Your hands should be at your waist level, where they might slightly brush your hips. They should bent at 90 degree angle. Keep your hands as relaxed as possible. Try not to snug them up near your chest or clench them into fists. Doing so will make you fatigue and may strain your shoulder and neck muscles.

Maintain Posture

Your body should be straight and erect. Ensure that you are not bending forward or backward. Keep your head high, back straight and shoulders parallel. Avoid dropping shoulders. When you reach at the end you may slump over due to fatigue which can cause lower back, neck, and shoulder ache. When you think you are loosing your posture, poke your chest out. Maintaining form till the finish line helps in fighting fatigue and ensures victory.

How To Train Your Running Skills
How To Train Your Running Skills

Keep Arms At Sides

Avoid swinging from side-to-side. Also, try not to crossing arms over your chest as you run, which happens when you breathe inefficiently. Shallow breathing can result in cramps or side stitches in the abdominal region. When tired, your limbs may reduce the distance between the upper arm and forearm, and get closer to your shoulders. In such instances, drop your arms by your side and shake them before repositioning them at 90- degree angle.

Don’t Bounce

When you bounce while running, your head and body move in up and down direction. Bouncing causes loss of energy and renders you fatigued. To reduce bouncing, run lightly and land softly on feet as you run.

Whether you are sprinter or marathoner, you will definitely perform better on tracks if you work on improving your posture and form on the field.

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