Jogging With Baby: Factors To Consider -

Jogging With Baby: Factors To Consider

Raise your hand if you just stepped into motherhood and missing your pre-pregnancy body already. We are hearing from you. Loads of women out there do have this struggle in accepting the heavy body type post maternity. Some of them cannot even escape the psychological trouble that maternity brings. However, some of you do resort to the previous yoga schedules as soon as the baby grows a few months. For those who do, jogging with baby is not an unusual scenario at all.

Life changes a lot once you become a mother. Most new mothers go through a spate of physical and mental traumas during this period. Hence, jogging on a regular basis becomes a necessity more than a choice. However, it’s relatively difficult to squeeze out time for yourself considering the sleepless nights that the baby gifts you. But, you have to eventually make time for at least simple jogging and free-hand exercises. Watch out here if you are a new mom and have plans of jogging with baby. Here we’ll discuss a few factors to consider before you head out with the stroller. Read on.

Jogging With Baby – Factors To Consider
Jogging With Baby – Factors To Consider

Age Matters In Jogging With Baby

Not your age. It’s the age of the baby that matters in this case. You need to understand when your child is too delicate to carry outside. Doctors suggest that your little one needs to have its head stable before you take it out on jogs. It’s a prerequisite basically. The first six months are really crucial for your baby. This is the time when it goes through the backbone strengthening process. The baby is yet to cope with the dust and light of the outer world. Hence, before six months you should avoid taking it out with you.

Get The Right Carrier While Jogging With Baby

A lot of women have a tendency to overlook this crucial factor when they start planning their post-maternity jogging schedule. You must have a good quality baby stroller before you start jogging with baby. Why? It’s because the little baby needs a cradle of comfort so that it doesn’t feel unsafe or unfamiliar. Admit it. Your jogging is quite a thing for the baby to endure. Hence, you must provide it the comfort of your lap. There are quite a number of hooded strollers out in the market. A good stroller should have a padded beg and enough space for the baby to stretch out anytime it wants.

Look Out For The Right Weather

Certainly, your running doesn’t depend on the weather outside. But the health of the baby does depend on the weather. It’s a critical factor though. Too much sunshine is going to burn the baby as well as, cold is not an option. Avoid going out if it’s rainy out there. Protect your little one from sun exposure for a long time. During winter, you must wrap the baby with enough warm clothes. Don’t judge the weather according to your perspiration level for you are anyway going to sweat while jogging.

Jogging With Baby – Factors To Consider
Jogging With Baby – Factors To Consider

Feed The Baby Before Getting Out For Jogging

Needless to say, a filled tummy is a happy tummy. When you are a mother, your life surrounds your baby. Your concern goes in keeping the baby healthy and happy even before taking care of your own body. If you head out for jogging with baby who is hungry, you’ll end up dealing with problems. Why? It’s because your baby lacks the energy to stroll around the streets with you when hungry or sleepy. Hence, make sure that you’ve fed the baby right before your jogging schedule so that its tummy is happy. Therefore, squeeze out your jogging schedule accordingly.

In conclusion, jogging with baby is not a bad idea if you follow the basic measures and understand the need of them. You can even consult with your pediatrician regarding how to manage motherhood and your own life at the same time.

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