Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty

Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty

This year the Zurich Malaga Marathon celebration is going to be even bigger. It is celebrating the most special version so far. The Andalusian competition is happening on December 15th, 2019. For the first time, this competition is going to take place as an IAAF bronze labeled event. Such an honor makes this event one of the top endurance events all over the world.

The entry fee is €40 for the 10th edition of this event. The participants can take part both in half and full marathon. First, five people who will reach the finishing line will be awarded.

Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty
Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty

What Has Made This Zurikh Malaga Marathon Event So Special?

This Event Is Now Labeled With IAAF Bronze

In the last edition of the year 2018, the International Association of Athletics Federation, after a thorough study, granted it the bronze label for its brilliant results. It can now invite the runners from any part on this planet to join this massive event.

Everyone Irrespective Of Experience Is Welcome To This Grand Event

The friendly culture of Spain opens its doors for all. Anybody interested in endurance sports can participate in the event. Not necessarily, you have to be an expert athlete. You can take part if you are a skilled sportsman or just to test your ability in endurance sports. It is a world event now. So, your nationality will not create any obstruction for being a part of it.

You can register for any of the three events, Full Marathon, Half Marathon, or the Free 5K race – Breakfast Run.

Malaga Marathon Will Be Your Lifetime Experience

Along with the rich culture, picturesque landscape, the climate of Zurich will also impress you. In December, you will get comfortable Summer-like weather there. The range of temperature will be from 17° C to 20°C. You will enjoy the lovely climatic condition if you take part in the event. It will give you a feel of paradise.

A Second Chance For The Deserving Candidates

The slogan is dedicated to the Kenyan athlete, Eliud Kibet. In 2018, this athlete gave an outstanding performance and was going to be the winner. But unfortunately, he fell on the ground just 20m away from the finishing line due to exhaustion. Then he touched the line on his knees.

On his honor, the slogan of 2019 is “Because Malaga always gives you a second chance”.

Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty
Malaga Marathon: The Reasons Behind Its Specialty

Get The Warmth Of The Events

Those who are looking to start their running flights, Costa De Sol is the ideal destination for them. This platform will let the runners a fantastic opportunity to test their running abilities and enjoy the events. All are welcome to give a push to the possibilities hidden inside. The beautiful and comfortable weather will increase the contestant’s adrenaline secretion. 

For the 21 km half marathon, the starting and finishing line will be in Paseo Del Parque and will start at 9.30 am. The registration fee is €22, and the total entry is a maximum of 7,500. The date for the event is March 24th, Sunday.

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