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Marathon Gear For Triathlon

Marathon Gear For The Advanced Triathlon Runner

Marathon runners, sprinters, roadrunners, joggers, every professional athlete take part in the Triathlon every year. And thus, it is one of the largest sporting events. And, it attracts numerous enthusiasts from across the globe.

What Is Triathlon?

Triathlon is an event with multiple athletic sports to be performed one after another. Typically speaking, the event includes cycling, swimming and running over long distance. The participants need to perform in back to back events. These are conducted over a long stretch and it is a non-stop event. If you are considering being part of the triathlon, make sure that you continually increase on your stamina and core strength. Also, improve your ability to perform in back to back three different forms of events without losing performance level.

Marathon Gears You Need For Triathlon Practice

In order to prepare for the triathlon you will not just need stamina and focus, you need to arm yourself with the right gears as well. While having a coach to help you prepare is always an added advantage, but you can easily self-prepare with dedication and constant monitoring and determination.

Preparing For Triathlon

The first and foremost thing that you will need to keep in mind is that you need to be able to complete the entire challenge. And thus, timing is essential and you will have to ensure that you complete the challenge within the shortest possible time. However, the challenge with triathlon is that it isn’t enough to have the shortest time for individual activities. You will have to maintain overall shortest time, which is, maintaining the shortest possible time for one challenge. Also, without losing all stamina and having enough to keep going till the finish line.

MARATHON ST083013 Adanac Digital Glow Stopwatch Timer with Extra Large Display and Digits – Battery Included

This stopwatch comes with all the functionalities that a triathlon athlete can ask for. It has digital display with extra large digits for clear visibility. Also, the backlight makes it easy to see in the dark. Besides these, the lap timing, split function, calendar and time. The laser tuned stopwatch has extremely high accuracy and is accurate to 1/100th of the second. Thus, you always get the perfect timing no matter what.

LAOPAO Stopwatch Metal Stopwatch Timer with Backlit Multi Lap Memory Digital Stop Watch for Coaches

The LAOPAO all metal stopwatch is the professional gear you will wish to have with you. It contains all the functionalities from split to lap memory function to timer, clock, alarm and more. Moreover, the stopwatch is made of stainless steel and completely shockproof. So, even if you are timing yourself, you can use it without worrying about breaking it accidentally. The backlight is bright enough and thus can be used in the dark. If you are looking for something that screams professional, go for this.

Besides maintaining your time, you need to keep yourself hydrated as well. Triathlon is a demanding sport. And thus, I recommend this wonderful pack.

URPOWER Running Belt Multifunctional Zipper Pockets Water Resistant Waist Bag, with 2 Water Bottles Waist Pack for Running Hiking Cycling Climbing and for 6.1 inches Smartphones

This belt is all that you will need to keep all your essentials on you, which includes, water bottle to smartphone, and there’s space for everything. And so, just get this one and you are all sorted for triathlon to trekking to any event ever you are going to participate.

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