Preparing To Run A Marathon- What Does It Take

preparing to run a marathon

For most aspiring runners, it is almost a dream to complete a marathon. It is mainly like a personal challenge that they want to take to push their limits. But most people cannot complete a marathon because they felt under confident and did not practice enough. It is essential to be healthy and raise awareness for charity, but even for that cause, you need to have the perfect range of fitness. Whatever the reason be, you need to hold onto your goals and maintain the motivation that will help you become a perfect marathon runner. Preparing to run a marathon is never easy, which is why there are various techniques to help you. 

Getting Started

Run A Marathon

It is always vital that you start being aware of the limits because 26 miles will not be an easy task. There is a high risk of injury if you cannot go for daily neighborhood jogs. You should consult with your physician and get yourself checked before going on a training program. Also, it would be best if you started early, and the marathon training will take you at least a year. One of the primary reasons for injury is that you do not have great weekly mileage and do not run consistently. 

Also, you can start small by running short races like 5 km and 10 km. 

Choosing The First Marathon

Run A Marathon

There are numerous backcountry roads where you can choose to have your first marathon, and there will be hundreds and thousands of runners. It is essential to choose the first marathon that you are willing to participate in, and you should also get hold of the home-field advantage. Not only that, but the destination is essential to fire up your motivation. 

Building Blocks Of Marathon Training

 Base Mileage- most of the marathon training plans will start from 12 to 20 weeks, and you should start small. You should go for at least three to five running sessions every week and start a conversation with a partner with whom you would want to run. 

The Long Run- the very next step is to go for the weekly long run, and you should not let your body relax for good. Go for alternate days between practice and rest and prepare for the long run. Try to check out the maximum distance, and with proper training, you will be able to push beyond your limits. 

Speed Work

Not only running for the entire distance, but you should also work on your speed. You have to walk and jog for a specific distance, and after that, you have to pick up the speed. This will go on an alternate interval, and your body should be allowed to warm and cool down after every race session. 


Training for a marathon is never an easy task, and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. There are numerous race day tips that you should get from the experts, and make sure that you reach the starting line early. 

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