Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know

Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know

A lot of people join marathons because it is fun. But to be honest there will be parts of it when you will not find it fun at all. Running the whole 26.2 miles will cause its fair share of pain and hazards to every marathon runner in the course. Here are some basic marathon etiquette tips for you to avoid causing that pain and hazard.

Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know
Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know

Step Aside For Water Stops

If you get thirsty and need to grab a water cup/bottle from a stop, make sure that you keep moving and step aside. Do not block the way by drinking your water in front of the stop. If you do this you will not just impede traffic but also potentially injure other runners.

Always Throw Your Water Cup Out of the Way

Once you finished drinking your water, make sure that you throw in the garbage or on the side of the road. Dropping it in the middle of the road might cause someone to get injured if they slip on it.

If You Need to Walk, Step Aside For the Marathon Runner Behind You

Getting tired or suffering cramps during a race is normal for every marathon runner. If you need to slow down and walk, it would be best if you move off the side of the road so other marathon runners can keep their pace. When you need to stop to stretch when you are starting to cramp, go off course to do it.

Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know
Race Etiquette Every Marathon Runner Should Know

Look Before Switching Lanes

Always look around before you start switching lanes or lines when running a marathon. Not doing so is pretty dangerous not only for you but for other runners as well.

Line Up in the Right Position

Organizers or major marathons always put up signs to guide marathon runners where they should line up for the time/pace they are aiming. If you are aiming for a 10:30 time but you running in the 8:00 this means that you are obstructing the way of faster runners. This can get very annoying and you should always avoid it.

A Marathon Runner Should Wear Earbuds

Leave your boom box at home and just wear earbuds. You might think that you are doing other marathon runners a favor by sharing your music but the truth is you are not. Some races allow earbuds, but expert runners actually frown upon it because listening to music stops you from hearing other runners.

Never Stop For A Finish Line Photo

Crossing the finish line is a proud event and you should have it documented. But it would be totally rude to stop on the finish line so your someone can take that Instagram shot. Ask your friend to get ready once you are near the line and capture the moment that you cross it. Never stop and block the way of the other finishers because you might cause injuries with that.

Always Thank The Volunteers and Police Officers

The people who hand you your water, energy drink, and gets put in a lot of effort to make sure that you are comfortable and safe during the race. The same thing goes with the police officers on site. It is in fact hard to be gracious while you are deeply focused in your rhythm but do take some time to thank them. The whole event will be a total chaos without them and every marathon runner owes them a simple thank you.

Follow these tips and you can make sure that your marathon experience will be worthwhile.

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