Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- The oldest Event - Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- The oldest Event -

Run Barbados Marathon Weekend- The oldest Event

run barbados marathon

If you are interested in Marathon, then you must know about the Run Barbados Marathon. Run Barbados Marathon Weekend is the oldest and the most prestigious event. It is a road racing event in the Caribbean region. This event has been hosted annually since 1983. It was 37 years ago when this series had been conceptualized by locals. 

It Gives A Unique Experience:

A group of people running down a street

The Run Barbados Marathon Weekend event has distinguishing characteristics that provide you the experience of a lifetime. It has become a local culture. It has become both the service and history of the island.



The runners will receive drift race t-shirts, finisher medals, the races are chip timed, and there is a Friday night pasta party. 

Race sponsors:

The race calendar now features the Cave Shepherd & Co. Marathon, the Fortress Half Marathon, the Colombian Emeralds International 10K; the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card 5K Race; the Signia Globe Fun Mile; and the Ganzee 5K Walk.

Benefits of the Marathon

There are many reasons that you might have that make you not want to run the Marathon. You may be quite frightened of getting injured and don’t want to lose toenails, deal with swollen feet, or experience constant soreness. Running a marathon might look tough, scary but do you know that if you get to practice for a marathon, it gives you a ton of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. In fact, there are several good reasons why you should run. 

Physical Health Benefits

Improve overall health: When you practice for a Marathon, it strengthens your heart and helps keep your blood pressure and high cholesterol at healthy levels. Also, it improves your immune system and increases your muscle strength. 

Better sleep: When you practice a Marathon, your body will crave sleep as the practice is not a simple one. It can be exhausting. It is not a thing that you will find yourself sleepy every time, but you will get to bed earlier and sound more soundly.

Get yourself fit: Marathon races are, and training is challenging, so when you practice it, your body will start gaining perfect shape and get fit.

Mental health benefits

Reduces stress: Your mental resilience gets increased when you run at the stress time, and it makes you handle your life challenges positively.

Inspiration: When you run a marathon, you get inspiration from your surroundings. From the old people running to the kids holding sign boards, you will get something from everywhere.

Benefits for your soul

New friends: Participating in the Marathon makes you meet new people, and you make new friends.

Stronger relationships: You can convince your family for the Marathon, and when you all participate together, it literally makes the relationship strong.


Running a marathon is a good decision for health. Run Barbados Marathon Weekend event provides you with some good experience and benefits, so you should try it even once in a life.

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