Run Walk Marathon Benefits you must Know

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There are many benefits of running or walking in a marathon. It boosts your stamina, perks up your exercise regime and also gives you a change to socialize and make friends. Eventually, most marathons are conducted for a social cause, so you end up contributing your bit for the society. Here are some run walk marathon benefits.

Benefits of Marathon

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  • Marathon running provides you with mental and physical benefits. You manage to lose weight by walking or running long distances. You become fitter and start eating better and healthier food. You will find your heart to beat more efficiently. Regular marathon running or walking will give you a healthier and longer life.
  • When you see on the mental level, marathon running makes you feel more energetic and you also start looking fitter and better. Your stress levels reduce as well.
  • Marathon running provide fuel to your body and mind and also enhance your memory and learning capabilities.
  • But you need to train yourself for running or walking in a marathon. Participating in a marathon under the guidance of an expert will prevent any injuries in your body. 
  • Marathon running involves running 42.2 km and you also need a lot of strength in your body to do so. If you become a regular marathon runner, you will eventually start doing weight lifting and building your muscles. Marathon running teaches you how to leverage posterior parts of your body. You also learn resistance training so that  you can use the right muscles.
  • Marathon running makes your more focused in life. You also learn the skills of recovery training. All marathon runners like to indulge in meditation and yoga after or before their marathon running to calm their muscles and mind.
  • They also start eating a balanced diet, which helps their body and mind.
  • Once they start with all these forms of exercise and meditation, they find themselves to perform better in marathons and also manage to reduce their muscle soreness later on.
  • All marathon runners or walkers are advised to eat a healthy and good breakfast two hours prior to their run. They are also advised to eat fruits an hour before their run. 
  • Running is very healthy for your back, joints and it also makes your body more flexible. It gives better cardiac health to your  body and also boosts the pumping activity of your heart. 
  • It helps you burn a lot of calories and add to your weight loss. Marathon running or walking regularly gives you a strong mind and body. 
  • It is best to go slow and steady when running or walking in a marathon. You should start with 5 km and 10 km running and then gradually reducing it to full marathon running.
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These are all the various benefits of run walk marathons. If you have had no physical exercise since long, then it is advised that you  at least train for a few months before you start running in a marathon.

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