Running Music: To Play

Running Music: To Play or Not to Play

Music plays a brilliant, motivating role in the gym or while working out. This is because it combats for our brain’s attention without leaving any scope to focus on the fatigue we are experiencing. So, running music actually allows you to push yourself harder. If you are a dedicated runner, it is time for you to find your Mozart. A number of studies has shown that music, particularly those that are fast contributes to one’s athletic performance. In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it is said that the tempo is of less significance. The runner has to find the tune motivational and that can only fetch you desired results.

Why Should You Listen To Music While Running?

Many athletes are of opinion that running music is a great strategy for fighting off boredom while running. And if you think that you think you will have a wonderful time running with the headphones on, you are not being imaginative.

Running Music: To Play or Not to Play

Advantages Of Warming Up With Music

There are a number of research studies showing that one can enjoy the benefits of high-energy running music even after the track is over. If you think you cannot wear earphones and run, there is an effective solution to it. You can listen to a high-energy track for about 10 minutes before you actually set out to run. This is a great way to surge the energy to pick levels before doing any intense workout like running.

Effectiveness Of Research Reports

It is important to keep in mind that the reports of the various studies have been prepared on the performance of seasoned athletes in laboratories. The results in the actual setting with inexperienced runners may vary. But there is no denial that running music can improve your speed and reduce fatigue to a great extent. It is an effective way to boost your energy, particularly if you are a new runner or find it difficult to keep up the motivation levels.

Running Music: To Play or Not to Play
Running Music: To Play or Not to Play

Is There Any Downside Of Listening To Music While Running?

Of course, there is. Running music can throw a runner out of cadence as he may slow down or speed up on the basis of the tempo. This is alright for amateur runners who just want to do a cardio without bothering much about the pace. But this is a significant downside if you are planning for a specific race or workout.

Earphones Could Be A Hindrance

Also, there are a few races which do not allow wearing headphones or earphones while running. Though there is no ban on running music, you should refrain from wearing headphones when running for such races. This is because you may not be able to hear the instructions or anything important while you listen to music.

So, running music could be great if you are trying to run. But once you have built a pace and become a dedicated runner, the sport itself will motivate you to perform and beat yourself.

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