Running Tips To Improve Agility


We have a tendency to give more importance to cardio workouts, weight training, and strength training and ignore the importance of agility. Along with strength training and core building, improving agility also holds a  crucial place. Agility enables us to move swiftly and change spots quickly without any difficulty. Furthermore, it also increases the flexibility of our body. Agility not only helps to improve our strength but also works on the core as well. The high-intensity workouts also require greater agility skills, which also helps us burn those extra calories. Thus keeping us fit and maintain an ideal weight.  Let us have a look at some of the effective running tips that helps us to improve our agility skills.

Running Tips To Improve Agility
Running Tips To Improve Agility

Lateral Lunges As Great Running Tips

If you are interested in improving your agility skills, then practicing the lateral lunges will help you out. You need to first lunge with your right leg and then move onto the left one. While doing so, maintain a straight back as this will help you work out with ease. Repeat the lunges at least five to six times depending upon your strength, and you are good to go. Make sure to take one square at a time and maintain your speed every time you change it.

Ladder Drills As Great Agility Exercises

The ladder drills are another great way to improve your agility skill as they tend to work on the core part of your body. Moreover, the ladder drills also help to increase one’s speed as well. However, you should remain careful not to stretch your back too much while practicing the ladder drill. This will do more harm rather than doing any good. Furthermore, you should always maintain your speed while practicing the ladder drills. The ladder skills help to improve one’s stamina and foot speed as well.

Running Tips To Improve Agility
Running Tips To Improve Agility

Suicide Runs As Great Running Tips To Improve The Agility Skill

Do not get afraid or confused with the name of the running technique. It has nothing to do with suicide. All you need to do is maintain only one pattern of running and prevent yourself from getting adapted to one pattern. This will enable you to speed up your pace at a more increased level and provide a boost to the stamina as well. Furthermore, the suicide run also helps to strengthen the thigh muscles, which increases foot speed.

Practice Regular Standing Toe Taps

Make sure to regularly practice the standing toe taps if you are interested in improving your agility skill. All you need to do is keep switching your feet constantly and maintain a particular pace. This will help you to boost your stamina and improve your speed.  While doing so, keep your shoulders at a relaxed position and keep your feet loose.

Rope Jumping Provides Greater Agility Strength

One of the best ways to improve your agility strength is to practice rope jumping. The rope jumping provides strength to your calf and thigh muscles. Furthermore, it also enhances your speed as well as it directly works on the core muscle.