Running Tips Worth For Beginners


Have you started running recently? Are you frustrated because no matter how much you run you are not getting better at it? Worry not, here are some running tips that are worth knowing for new runners.

1. Start With Short Distances

As a new runner, you may want to run the entire distance in one go. However, that will only harm your body. Start with whatever range you are comfortable with (like 100 ft or quarter mile). After you get used to this you may try increasing the distance. Add one minute to your intervals each workout until you are able to continuously run the entire way. Starting small is the easiest of the running tips.

2. Don’t Start Too Fast

While starting with running, you may get too excited and overexert yourself from the start. Your body needs to get used to running. Overexertion, frustration or even injuries are just some of the outcomes of reckless running. It’s important to start off slow.

Running Tips Worth Knowing For Beginners
Running Tips Worth Knowing For Beginners

3. Hydrate Yourself

Running, especially in hot weather, can squeeze out all the water and dehydrate you. Avoid dehydration by drinking water frequently throughout your running session. Hydration is the most important of the running tips.

4. Don’t Run In Excess

New runners may think that they have to run daily. However, that is far from the truth. Most experts suggest you run three to four days out of the week. If you run every day, your body does not get enough time to recover. Your body gets stronger and strengthens your muscles on your non-running days.

5. Recovery Is Important

Did you achieve your running goal in one session? Do you still have the energy for one more lap? Okay, save that energy for your next run session. You may be energetic, but your body needs time to recover from your first run. Schedule your runs alternating between active and rest days.

Running Tips Worth Knowing For Beginners
Running Tips Worth Knowing For Beginners

6. Choose What You Wear

What shoes you wear during your run can drastically affect the results. Go to your local sports store and have their experts recommend a pair of sneakers that are right for you. It is even better if they put you on a treadmill to observe your running form. Good sneakers are somewhat on the expensive side, but they will save you from injuries in the long run.

7. Take Good Care Of Your Body

Running is an activity that utilizes all of your body. To run efficiently, you need a stable and healthy core. Being in good shape can help your performance and also help you avoid potential injuries.