The Significance Of Easy Run Days


Easy Run Days builds the potential and capacity of the athletes and runners. These prepare the individual to win the odds in the track. Moreover, the mind and the body of an individual person should get a break. Paces, frequency, tricks, etc. don’t matter in the early days. Easy runs are structure-less, plan-less, and focus-less activity. The easy run days are like warm-up sessions before the actual training. The muscle gains the necessary strength over time. The chances of fatigue and sprains reduce due to regular practice. Therefore, you can opt for these even after strenuous training sessions. These also help in speedy recovery after any muscle or bone injury. Professional keep 2-3 challenging run session, and 4-5 easy run session in a week. This balances their stamina and ensures proper rest to the individuals.

The Significance Of Easy Run Days
The Significance Of Easy Run Days

Some of the fundamentals to enhance the running potential are:

Easy Run Days Initiate With Warm-Up Sessions

Stretches and voluntary movements are essential to warm up the body muscles. Moreover, always keep 15-20 minutes of warm-up sessions before any aerobic exercise. Pushups, crunches, squats, leg lifts, plank, hip bridges, etc. are the most common postures. Practice each of these ten times before running the track. This balances the body temperature and ensures proper circulation of oxygen and blood. The muscles relax, and there are minimal chances of sprains.

Start Slow In The Easy Run Days

Most of the professionals prefer 2 minutes slower pace than the actual one. Moreover, start with a 5 minutes slow pace and increase it with time. This enhances the recovery rate and the benefits of easy run days. Therefore, you gain the target heath rate in a relaxed and comfortable state. The easy runs build the endurance and the strength of the body. You can run long distances without fatigue or tiredness. You should try these for at least 2-3 days a week.

The Significance Of Easy Run Days
The Significance Of Easy Run Days

Add Some Speed To Your Run Rate

You can balance the long and easy runs by altering the speed after 10 minutes. Moreover, if you opt for hilly paths, then the pace reduces after specific minutes. Therefore, start slow and increase to avoid cramps. The oxygen level maintains the stamina and acceleration speed. You should also maintain the same logic while running down the hill slopes. Most of us increase the speed because of the slope. This increases the chances of injury and accidents.

Stretch Your Muscles Post Run

Once you reach the target point, you should stretch your limbs. Moreover, when you suddenly stop after hours of physical activity, temperature affects our body. Therefore, trainers advise to stretch or jog after finishing. You can perform these for 2-3 minutes. This relaxes the calves, hip, and hamstrings of the runner. Rope stretching and planks after the easy run enhance your core strength. The lungs and the heartbeat also get time to return to the original rhythm. Professionals always follow this rule to maintain their physique.

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