Thinking About Running? Here’s How to Go About It


The word marathon itself reminds us of a long run that makes us breathless. It also conjures up the thought of races that lasts for quite some time. Running race calls for a lot of dedication as well as commitment. The hard work and will power later gives birth to an individual achievement and sense of pride when everything culminates in the event on the final day.

No matter whether you are willing to compete in any race or just out of self-satisfaction, running is important. You should set yourself a goal to run at least one race in the entire life.

What Are The Benefits Of Running A Race?

If you have noticed an athlete or a marathoner, you will definitely find them to be quite dedicated and a great physique. In case you are overweight and out of shape and believe that running race is impossible for you, then you are wrong. You can start your training at any point of time and build yourself slowly. Training and being able to complete the race on the final day is itself so rewarding that you can take a chance at least once.

Thinking About Running? Here’s How to Go About It
Thinking About Running? Here’s How to Go About It

Brings In Discipline

Running regularly for training helps you build discipline and enables you to get into the best possible shape. It can offer tremendous psychological benefits as well. It is a long and arduous journey but it can give a direction to your life.

Calms The Mind

Running race develops a sense of purpose in one’s life and keep him grounded. For instance, if you are going through a turbulent phase where there is nothing but suffering, you should put efforts to improve your state. You must try something new and nothing can be better than running a marathon race.

Thinking About Running? Here’s How to Go About It
Thinking About Running? Here’s How to Go About It

How To Plan For The Final Day?

Maintain Your Form

Before you get into extensive training, you should make sure that you are in the right form. Running in incorrect form, even when you are traversing short distances can be quite harmful. Never hunch while running race as it can put unnecessary stress on the spine.  It can cause injuries for which you may have to be sidelined for a long time.

Keep The Strike Right

Most novice runners do not keep in mind their position when their feet touches the ground. You should be aware of the different foot strides which may waste your energy and lead to injury as well. Try to opt for mid-foot strikes as it not only saves energy but also keep the body propelled forward. It will definitely require a lot of focus and attention but the results are worth it.

Most of us have never taken run seriously before actually heading into one. Careful planning is the first step of being successful. You must subside the urge of developing the mileage way faster as it might lead to overuse injuries. You will never want to be affected by stress fracture or joint problems or pain in the patellofemoral area; so go slow.