Tips For First Time Maraton Runners

Tips For First Time Maraton Runners

Hey! Did you decide to participate in the next half or full marathon in your city? Well, it’s surely a very good decision. Marathon running is definitely a good thing for the overall physical and mental health of the body. If you are a first-time runner, certain things would definitely pop up in your mind.

How Many Miles A Week Should I Run To Train For A Marathon?

Well, runners who ran the most, 38 to 44 miles per week, clocked an inspiring 3:50:46.

How To Train Yourself To Run A Marathon

Build your weekly mileage over time. Consider running three-to-five times per week. Go a long run every 7–10 days; your body can fiddle with long distances gradually.

Marathon Running Tips For First Timers

Proper Training Is A Must

Guys, you cannot do fake running. You have to run and you cannot run the long distance if you do not have proper training. So, if you are serious about participating in this event, then prepare for it. Make sure that you train yourself in the best possible way.

Tips For First Time Maraton Runners
Tips For First Time Maraton Runners

Run Long Distances Before The Race Day

You have to make sure that you run for hours together before participating in maraton. Each day you need to try and cover more kilometres. Only when you do this, you will be able to cover the distance in the main event.

Avoid Overtraining

Now training is a double-edged sword. Training is important. However, at the same time if you indulge in overtraining then it can be a risky thing.  You may get injured before the main event. You may also be just too tired or stressed out. So, make sure that you maintain a proper balance in your training regime.

Start At A Slower Pace

Always remember that you must not start running in the maraton at a faster pace. You will drain out all your energy and fuel in the beginning itself. As a result, you will not be able to cover a huge distance. You need to start running at a slower pace for the first few kilometers. After that, it is recommended to slowly increase the pace.

You Need Carbs And Electrolytes

Few days before the event, make sure you start taking more carbohydrates. On the day of the race, it is important to keep your body loaded with carbohydrates. This will help prevent cramps and you will also not feel worn out. It is equally important to make sure that you take enough electrolytes and you must keep your body adequately hydrated.

Tips For First Time Maraton Runners
Tips For First Time Maraton Runners

Get Adequate Sleep

Make sure that the week you lead to the marathon, you get enough sleep. This is important for your mental and physical fitness. You need to sleep at proper and cover the required hours of sleep.

If you have decided to participate in the long-distance running then just go for it. But before that, take into consideration the above tips. They will surely help you perform better in the marathon.

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