Tips for First Half Marathon Training

This Is How You Must Do You First Half Marathon training.

If you are planning to run a half marathon; consider looking for a half-marathon training plan. Achieving a half Marathon without some serious training is something impossible. You may start with lots of zeal and eventually not be able to complete it. A few just lose the tempo and there are some who get injured. So, you must learn how you must focus on your half marathon training.

How Long Does It Take To Train For Half Marathon?

If this is your first time and you’re currently running under 10 miles each week, look ahead to spend 12 to 14 weeks preparing yourself. In the beginning, plan to run at least three times a week.

Half Marathon Training Plans

Focus On The Run:

Just a few weeks before the big day, make sure that you need to increase the weekly mileage. You need to slowly increase the number of kilometers and have a proper schedule for your run. You can even decide to run on alternate days of the week. On holidays when you have ample time, you can go for the long run. You also need to focus on things like tempo training, running at slow pace etc. to build your stamina for the final day.

This Is How You Must Do You First Half Marathon training.
Tips for Your First Half Marathon Training

Strength Training Session Is A Must

Twice or thrice in a week you must focus on strength training. This will help you in running the half marathon with ease. This session is one of the most important things of your half marathon training. Proper strength training will also help in reducing the risk of injuries. The runner must focus on exercises like stretches using a resistance band. This will help in strengthening your calves and muscles. Knee extensions will help your knees. Hip extension exercises are also important for the forward thrust.

Concentrate On Your Nutrition Intake

If you want to give a good performance, then proper nutrition is very important. You must eat food that has a low glycemic index. Just eat foods like oats, sweet potatoes etc. a couple of hours before the run. You must also not avoid fats completely. You need to have a balanced diet during your half marathon training.

Increase Your Tempo Steadily

If are preparing for the half marathon from a few weeks then the next thing that you need to focus on is your tempo. You need to start increasing your tempo slowly and steadily. For this, you can have a proper timetable for this.

This Is How You Must Do You First Half Marathon training.
Tips for Your First Half Marathon Training

Things To Do After The Run

After your half marathon training session, you must do foam rolling. This will help in giving relief from pain. It will also help to smoothen the muscles. You must do some stretching exercises for strengthening your anterior hip muscles. After the training session, you need to reload your carbohydrate stock. You can have bananas, egg whites, dates, etc. Make sure to have balanced nutrients in your diet and increase water intake.

There are interactive half-marathon training programs as well, which support a blend of endurance and speed. Show your best with half marathon training plan. Gear up for the race day!

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