Tips To Improve Your Running Speed

Three Tips to improve your running speed

Do you wonder how to run run to improve your overall performance?

Don’t worry! Most of the runners have the same query in mind. Actually, maximum runners execute the same routine on a weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. They always cover the same distance with the same speed and the count of runs also remains the same. That’s why many runners fail to fulfill their dream.

But, if you’re serious about your running career and always wonder how to run faster and faster, you need to upgrade your performance.


Constant improvement is a key to better performance. It applies to every field. So, let’s find out some valuable tips so that you can improve your running speed:

Three Tips to improve your running speed
Three Tips to improve your running speed

Three Valuable Tips to help you run faster

Just running daily is not sufficient. A proper preparation is needed that’s incomplete without following the guidelines below:

Start running faster with a routine

Are you dreaming to run fast? Then, what’re you thinking? Just start running fast. Many people fail to achieve their goal due to not starting the work on time.

So, prepare yourself and run fast, as much as possible from your next practice. Remember, running fast on a consistent basis will help you achieve your goal.

Don’t able to run faster every week? It’s completely alright. Start running faster from this week. The entire activity should be a simple fartlek workout (for e.g. six repeats at a hard pace for 1 minute duration with the combination of easy jogging for 2 minutes in the middle as a recovery). But, you should ask your trainer about the personalized routine for practice.

Three Tips to improve your running speed
Three Tips to improve your running speed

Daily 10 Minutes

Improvement starts with baby steps. Doing a small amount of strength work will help you improve your performance.

If you’re struggling with how to run faster, start post-run strength workout (personalized for you) for no less than 10 minutes.

As a result, you can improve your speed and efficiency. It specifically helps while you become exhausted after your running session.

It’s really important to maintain a proper weight for a runner. And strength work will also help you with the same. Moreover, it also helps to prevent injuries.

Start Running Long Each and Every Week

Most of the runners wonder how to run faster and improve their performance.

Are you in the beginning or intermediate phase of running?

Then, you should work on your endurance to improve your run times.

Believe me! You can run faster. Start running long means help you improve for one or two minutes at the initial stage. The goal is to extend the running time so that you can improve your performance consistently. It’s the main concept of endurance.

Try to complete a long run each and every week. However, the distance you should cover is based on your physical fitness level.

Result after two to three weeks?

Congrats! You can more likely add one mile and thus improve your performance.

I hope that you have got some ideas of how to run faster. It’s a high time to change your strategy by consulting your trainer.

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