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train run marathon

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The Train Run marathon is the theme of this toy for children. Your children will have fun running through tracks that are built into the toy. Various levels can be selected and the toy train will go up and down the track. Different colored dots indicate the end of a level. It will then recede gradually back to the beginning. Children can play with the mouse to control the speed at which the toy train runs.

An Overview

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The toy has a timer and a log book. The log book records each runner’s record and it is viewable by all children on a computer. The log book can also be connected to an internet so that all children can monitor the distance and times of their favorite children. The computer will also save the distance and time for future use. A child who completes the marathon with the most wins receives a prize. Some games include a Christmas dinner and presents for all children.

Children can run the train through the busy town and meet other children who also want to play the game. It is a good way of getting to know others who share your interests. The train comes with eight small wheels and one large wheel. They can roll the train through a city and see where it stops before getting stuck in traffic.

Train Run Marathon – Children Game Facts

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Parents find this toy excellent for fostering a sense of adventure in their children. It keeps children occupied for hours and parents can watch the kids play happily. Most of the tracks are marked so that children know exactly where they are going. When the train gets stuck, there is a signal displayed to guide the children to safety.

As the train runs through the track, the music in the background gives the children’s pleasure. The train noise is soft and cheerful. Some of the songs have been recorded specifically for this purpose and they are a nice background for this interactive toy. There are over four million different sounds. If you ever wished you could have fun watching a train, this is the toy for you.

Parents enjoy this toy as much as children do. It is not only safe but also educational for toddlers as small as two years old. This can stimulate a curiosity in children that they normally lose. At the same time it provides entertainment for older children. Older children love watching a train race through an open field.

It takes about fifteen minutes to half an hour for the train to reach the end of its race. If you want to getaway from the noisy crowd, you can stop the train anywhere along the way. You will not be disturbed by the siren blaring your way. If you are worried about the train not reaching the finish line, you can stop at any point and collect your reward. Your reward could be a gift voucher or a voucher entitling you to buy another train from the manufacturer.

To play this game you must have an internet connected computer. You do not need to download anything to play the game. To begin with, all the children must start in the front of the train. When the train is about to reach the first corner, a sign will appear with a timer at the side. The children must circle the train ten times and then the game is over.

In The End

If you wish to play with more than one child, each player receives a train and the others receive nothing. The aim of the game is to become the first person on the track to cross the finish line before the timer runs out. If any of the players misses the deadline they will lose points and receive a deduction from their overall score.

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