What Is A Triathlon, Its Popularity And Rules


What is a triathlon? It is an exciting event involving a constant race on different distances in three major disciplines. The disciplines are those of running, cycling, and swimming. Standard triathlons consist of the first stage of swimming, then cycling and lastly running.

Triathlons have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The event was introduced in 1974 when a few friends grouped and started training. This group featured cyclists, runners, and swimmers. Later on, the group began organizing competitions blending the three sports.

What Is A Triathlon, Its Popularity And Rules
What Is A Triathlon, Its Popularity And Rules

What Is A Triathlon – Reasons Behind Its Popularity

 Triathlon is a well-known sport because people looking for big challenges can easily enjoy it. Nevertheless, unfit individuals looking to be healthy and fit can also enjoy it. The health advantages come from racing events lasting for one hour and even eight to ten hours.

Modern triathlon consists of swimming, biking, and running in order. There are transition times between events as the participant’s time. This multi-sport race format is for testing the endurance of the participants.

What Is A Triathlon – Rules To Be Followed

The participants in the event are divided into different groups according to their age and gender. Serious competitors are Elite, while the casual participants are known as age groupers.

Just like any other sporting event, triathlon has its very own exclusive rules. Majority of the regulations are designed to take care of safety. The three different disciplines have specific rules while some rules are universal to all the three events. Rule violations can result in expensive time penalties. These penalties can range between 1 and 12 minutes.

What Is A Triathlon, Its Popularity And Rules
What Is A Triathlon, Its Popularity And Rules

Rules Applicable For All The Three Racing Events

  • An overview of the regulations applying to all the three racing events at a triathlon is as follows:
  • Participants leaving a marked spot for any reason should re-enter the spot or the course at the same place where he left it.
  • Participants should not indulge in dangerous activities.
  • Outside help is not acceptable except if it comes from an event official.
  • Personal audio tools and headsets are not allowed at the event. This includes mp3 players and iPods as well.
  • You cannot carry glass containers at any point of time both before and after your racing events. You can be disqualified for violating this important rule.

Specific Rules For Specific Events

  • When swimming, you can use any stroke at any point in time. You also have the option of floating or treading water if you want to adjust the goggles or get some breath.
  • You cannot wear swim aids like gloves, flippers, and floaties.
  • In biking, you cannot mount your vehicle without having a helmet in the perfect place.
  • Drafting will not be allowed at a triathlon.
  • In case your bike gets damaged due to an accident, you can carry it or push it to the finishing line. You can’t opt for the forward progress.
  • You cannot make forward progresses through crawling at the running event.
  • The participants need to keep all kinds of equipment, like bikes and clothes in designated areas during the event.