Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!

Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!

Here is all the fitness tips you need to know to give he best care to your mental health.

Back in 2016, when Ninet was dealing with some personal issues, she went to a severe state of depression and anxiety. She just had completed her master’s and had no job back then. She engaged herself in studies to crack the PhD entrance exam. Besides, she started to work out daily “to look better”.

However, she neither enjoyed her work out, nor she could concentrate on her studies. No matter how she tried to push her limits harder and do more work, she failed, daily. But she kept exercising without even enjoying it. Ninet couldn’t lose a single pound even in a month. Moreover, her eating habits were severely disturbed. She started to stress-eat. she was working out to look good, but not to feel positive about her life and herself.

Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!
Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!

The constant pressure about “You should look slim and beautiful” led us to doubt and hate ourselves. Then one day, we started to hate everything about us and started blaming ourselves for everything. In addition to this, depression and anxiety worsened the situation. Depression, anxiety, self-doubt and self-hatred are co-related.

You know that you are not alone and here are a few things you should remember about mental health in the fitness space.

Fitness Tips For Your Mental Health :

Your mental health is as much important as your physical health

The brain and the nerves controlling our mental health is not separate from the body. Mental health is no longer regarded as separate from physical health. Mental health issues are real, and your mental health is essential.

Fitness Tips – Exercise To Feel Better, Not To Look Better

Fox KR (2009) from the University of Bristol, published an article stating that physical exercises do influence mental well-being. Have you ever realised you feel better after walking for ten to fifteen minutes? Involve yourself in regular physical activity for better mental health. But remember, do the exercises you love. As we said, work out for wholesome betterment, not just for looking good.  Most of us suffer from a constant disappointment for not having a ‘perfect’ body, even after working out.  Constant disappointment worsens our mental health.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Medication

Depression, stress, and anxiety affect our eating habit. We either lose our appetite, or we overeat. Moreover, we stress-eat to find something that pleases us.  When depression overwhelms you, you grow unhealthy habits to find pleasure. Overeating or under-eating are both linked to abnormal body weight.

Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!
Your Mental Health In The Fitness Space: Fitness Tips!

Psychotherapy and counselling help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. If counselling doesn’t work in case of an acute condition, one must take medication after consulting with a doctor.

Love Yourself

Learn to love and take care of yourself.  You are perfectly normal and stop doubting yourself.  The jargons and social constructs about body and beauty have taught you to hate and doubt yourself.

We know it takes a lot of courage to love and to be yourself. But we also know, you are strong enough to do that.

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