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fun run

A fun run is a physical activity that people usually do for leisure, for exercise, or as part of a fundraiser. It can be any distance, even just around the block! People walk, jog or run the course and then celebrate at the end with music and food. Anyone can participate; all you need to bring are your sneakers (or moccasins, moon boots, high heels…).

What sort of people run in these events?

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A wide variety of people are attracted to fun runs for many reasons. Some want the challenge of speed or endurance training, others are looking for a good workout, some are running with friends and family, others take part out of a sense of personal achievement and still others participate in benefit runs for charitable organizations.

How do I organize a fun run?

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You can organize a fun run through the Internet or by using traditional methods such as distributing flyers and posters to your community and business contacts, etc. It’s best if you choose a place where people meet and move en masse, such as a downtown or a park. You can contact your local radio stations for help in promoting the run. Once you’ve got that covered, you’ll need to decide upon several key elements: Date (arbitrarily or based on an existing event), Time (noon Tea Run anyone?), Distance (2-5km is best), Entry Fee (optional but always appreciated). Approximately one month before the run, send out a press release to newspapers and other print media. If you have a website or e-mail list, publish the information there as well.

What should I do if no one comes?

Firstly, don’t be disappointed! There are several reasons why this could have happened. It’s possible that your participants were simply afraid to respond, for fear of being committed to the event. Secondly, a lack of awareness among the participants may have been responsible for this poor turnout. You can look at how you’ve publicized your run and try to do it better next time!

How should I organize registration?

Registration may be organized in two ways. The first is to set up an account with a registration service company if your run will be attracting more than 150 people. For smaller runs, you could either print out individual bibs or organize the first-come-first-serve system for participants to sign up on the day of the event.

How much does it cost to organize a fun run?

This is a difficult question to answer since each run has its own set of costs. It all depends on the time and money spent on promoting the event, especially if you’re organizing it yourself. There isn’t much more beyond that, so here’s your chance to be creative! You can charge for registration if you want or just ask people for a donation to your charity.

How can I be sure that my run is safe?

Your first priority should be the safety of the participants and volunteers as well as those around you. You can ensure this by having at least one trained volunteer directing traffic, making sure all runners know the course, checking out potentially unsafe areas, and organizing emergency first aid services.


Though the idea of organizing a run may seem daunting at first, it’s not as scary or difficult as you might think. With some research, creative thinking and dedication to your cause, you’ll be set for success!

Some fun runs are organized by public schools along with their students. Some examples include:

The Semiahmoo Secondary School’s annual Run4Aids Fun Run:

This is an AIDS fundraiser that takes place on December 2 and 4 each year. The event runs for a total of 26 kilometers within the school grounds and ends with music and refreshments afterword. There is also a shorter run which covers 3 kilometers.

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