Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance


Marathon running is an extreme exercise, and you might have some extraordinary physical capacity, training, and practice before starting Marathon running. It will not happen in two or three weeks; it will improve within 6 to 7 months. So, overall, we can say that you are ready for a Marathon by one year of hard work. It is essential to have all the information about the effects of Marathon running on your body after seven days, 15 days, or one month. Here we have included studies on the impact of Marathon running after one week how runners feel after seven days of Marathon running.

Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance
Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance

Cardio Effects: Effects Of Marathon Running

One study stated that the psychological effects of marathon race are recovered within seven days. And runners may easily follow their treadmill routines as before. Hence, the cardiorespiratory level increased during the competition, the heart rate ranges from a minimum of 80% to a maximum of 90%.

Psychological Recovery: Effects Of Marathon Running

After running Marathon, runners should involve in short distance running. Long-distance running after Marathon may cause a high level of physical injuries. After Marathon, your muscles need time to recover, and you should take rest first. Experts said that long-distance running after Marathon is always dangerous. Even psychological recovery may not help you to save you from stress and stains. Before Marathon, extreme physical stress and training may cause the overtraining syndrome, so take the help of yoga, meditation and deep sleep to get fast psychological recovery.

Aerobics Fitness:

After seven days from the Marathon race, studies involve some males and females who had participated in the marathon race to check the effects of Marathon on aerobic fitness and performance. Most evidence reviles that after 3 or 4 days; the oxygen uptake is lower than before Marathon. It shows that aerobic fitness decreases after a few days of running, but it will recover within eight days. But from the studies, the truth is unclear that aerobic fitness and performance is entirely improved after seven days.

Muscles Soreness:

They had taken Particular records to check the status of muscle soreness after and before the marathon race. The study involved some enthusiastic runners; Experts instructed them to record muscle soreness, especially knee extensors, plantar flexors, knee flexors, upper back, and lower back and hips. After studying the reports of seven days, experts come to know that there was significant change just after 2 to 3 days after Marathon running but reports were normal after 5 to 7 days. Muscle soreness is most likely to increase after 1 or 2 days.

Somehow, these studies have some limitations like they didn’t include previous fitness and food intake of runners. They didn’t include any recovery methods like juices intakes, yoga or any other purpose to recover physically and mentally. Studies involved mix-sex and small groups. However, the results of treadmill effects are reliable and show small changes from the first to last day of examination.

Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance
Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance

The study suggests that after seven days, the runner is excellent and he recovers entirely. A runner may have the same aerobic fitness and performance as earlier before Marathon.

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