Four Features Of Farm Wagon Running Gear - Four Features Of Farm Wagon Running Gear -

Four Features Of Farm Wagon Running Gear

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You always want to haul something that’s why it is so very important that your wagons, forage boxes, gravity bins and other supplements are supported by the proper wagon gears. The newly designed wagon gears have some extraordinary features that really matter to the farm as they have to handle some heavy loads. Wagon gears need to be big in size and strong enough to handle the pressure for starters. A conventional wagon gear comes standard with an 80’’ reach pole in the centre, but these gears are also available with a 120’’ reach pole for applications 20’ and up. Now nobody wants a loaded wagon gear when it is being towed. Farmco wagon gears are heavily built with automotive-style steering mechanisms along with an adjustable steering rod. Here are four features of farm wagon running gear. Have some ideas about it, it will help you to choose your perfect gear.

  1. Quick Hitch Tongue
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 Farm Wagon Running Gear has a standard quick-hitch tongue that provides an easy one-person hook up and it also has an adjustable length tongue for various applications. It has the 5 ½’’ riser kit for a 13-ton farm wagon, which raises the box to have a better clearance.  It also has replaceable bronze tie-rod bushings for maximum trialability and has easy maintenance. It has an adjustable wheelbase to accommodate various applications.

  1. Spring Assist Tongue
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Farm Wagon Running Gear has the spring-assist tongue on a 13-ton model so that you can lift it easily. It also has a spring-lift assist for 12-ton wagon tongues. It is primed and painted for a long-lasting finish. It has the standard safety chain attachment on the front and safety chains are also available with this up to 80,000 lbs. Capacity. It contains heavy-duty greasable spindles and hubs for sustaining a long life and durability.

  1. Breakers With Two Wheels

Farm Wagon Running Gear has a rear hitch to pull units in tandem. Its newly designed models 875 and 1075 features 180-degree turning radius for greater sustainability. The models 1396, which offers surge breakers which have 2 wheels to have safer road travel and contains a spring assist tongue so that anyone can lift it easily.

  1. Capacity Of High Carrying

Farm Wagon Running Gear has the power of high carrying and it helps to keep your operation moving at the time of busy harvest season. The sizes like 750, 625 and 550 are patented with ultra-steer chassis and a long-lasting one-piece box construction that will provide you years of dependable service.

Bottom Lines

Farm wagon running gear is built with very strong material to handle a large variety of farm transportation needs. These gears are available in various sizes to meet your farming needs. Hope from the above article you will get some idea about the features of farm wagon running gears.

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