What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?

What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?

Are you taking proper foods for improving your running speed?

Actually, what you’re providing to your body makes a huge difference between an average and a brilliant run. You might think sugar as an instant energy booster but you’d start feeling exhausted and lethargic after some time. Some foods are there to help you with your performance.

Remember, your running career can significantly improve with the best nutritious foods. So, let’s talk about four nutrient-rich foods to help you run fast.

Four Foods to improve your running speed

What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?
What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?


Are you going to practice in mid-morning?

A carbohydrate-loaded oat preparation will help you. Don’t think all carbohydrates to be bad. Rather, you should choose wisely and take the right nutrition at the correct time.

The Glycemic Index (GI) of oats is low. Moreover, this food is a repository of fiber. As a result, you can easily maintain proper blood sugar levels. Moreover, you’ll be energized for a long time.

Don’t forget to customize your oatmeal with the topping of blueberries or banana and that’s it! Your pre-run dose is ready. So, to run fast, befriend with oatmeal.


Surprised? It’s natural! Beetroot might not be listed in your running snacks list. But, it’s believed that this superfood helps to run faster.

We all know that Beetroot is loaded with a lot of nutrients. It’s a powerhouse of beta-carotene, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. But, the main hero behind performance-enhancing is nitrates.

The results can be incredible. Your blood flow will start improving. It further lifts oxygen delivery all around your body along with your muscles. According to scientists, athletes, who take pre-race baked beetroot, cover the distance faster.

This purple vegetable can more likely improve your muscle efficiency. So, how about eating some before starting your session? Thus, you can track whether it proves beneficial to you or not. Who can say? A surprise might be waiting for you.

What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?
What To Eat To Improve Your Running Speed?


Do you think recovery as an integral part of training? Yes, it is! To see improvements in your performance, your muscles should be restored properly. Otherwise, you can’t perform as per the expectation.

Taking Salmon might prove beneficial for you. It’s a storehouse of protein along with omega acids. Salmon helps to maintain your heart health and also restructure as well as repair tired muscles and torn.

That means a perfect restoration for the next performance. Accompany salmon with some leafy greens to make it a nutrient-rich meal. Thus, you can expect to run fast in your next practice.


Don’t you think nutrient deficiencies make you feel tired most of the time? Yes, it’s a fact. A minimum imbalance can make you heavily lethargic. You don’t want it to happen, right? So, start consuming needed vitamins and minerals from superfoods.

Spinach is undoubtedly one of the best superfoods. A nutrient-rich food like spinach will help you in many ways. Being loaded with multiple vitamins and iron, it alleviates the risk of developing anemia.

Also, you’ll get help in RBC (red blood cells) production. As a result, the oxygen-carrying capacity of your body will increase. Kickstart your day with a healthy spinach smoothie.

Start incorporating these foods into your diet to run fast. Don’t forget to consult your dietician and trainer before starting a new habit.

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