The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review

The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review

The Legend of Marathon, a movie starring Liam Neeson and directed by Michael Mann, is a nice reminder about how criminals and their crimes were once considered a serious threat. It’s also a good example of how crime can have a huge effect on our society. As a result, many people are still thinking about what crime did to the victim. This article will share a few things about the marathon.

The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review
The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review

The Legend of Marathon was released in 1999 and brought lots of people to see the movie. It has also stirred up debates about crimes that happened in the past. But for some people, Marathon is also a comedy that makes people laugh.

The Legend of Marathon

The Legend of Marathon was originally released in 1996 and a home video release followed later. There were many scenes that people loved because they made them laugh. For example, there was a scene where the main character attacks a victim with a shovel. The movie attracted a lot of fans when it was released because of the violence that went on in the movie.

This kind of crime did have serious repercussions. For one thing, people killed more often before and after the movie came out. This was shown in the way criminals came after victims. They might also steal from victims so that they could live a happy life.


Mark Severn, the director of the movie, went on to write a novel about the film. The novel became very popular. It included an ending that was intended to make the movie not only funny but make viewers think about the crimes that had happened in the past. Severn’s novel was never released in bookstores. It was only sold online or as a CD in CD collections.

For some people, a book is more fun than a movie. For those who read the book, they learn a lot about how criminals used to act in the past. In this case, some books explain why some criminals have disappeared and how crimes can have a big impact on the society.

The Legend of Marathon has also proven that there was some sort of justice in the past. Some crimes were punished through death. Others were hanged and put into iron cages for viewing in public.

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Many people still worry about crime in this world today. They see people being robbed while they’re walking down the street or even while they’re sitting at home watching television. In this case, the criminals think that they’re getting away with the crime and people get hurt during the crime.

Crime happens everywhere in the world. For some people, the worse part is when criminals target innocent people and kill them. It might seem like a myth, but people still remember the story behind the movie.

When people watch the Legend of Marathon, they are reminded of how society treats criminals. They know that criminals need help, too. The more people learn about crimes, the more they should learn about the treatment of criminals. That’s the only way to protect society.

Bottom Line

The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review
The Legend Of Marathon Movie Review

These days, society understands that the time to punish criminals is when the crime is committed. It’s important that society gives criminals help in rehabilitation. If they’re imprisoned, they should be able to continue living their lives. No one should be forgotten about the criminal.

The Legend of Marathon is a comedy that shows what kind of laws and punishment people had on crimes in the past. It’s a fun, scary, and good movie.

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